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Real Estate Investing Guide

Jon Swire, top commercial real estate agent and Teacher at UCLA Extension, shares his real world experience in this easy-to-read real estate investing book designed to help you create life-changing wealth through successful real estate investing. Jon shows you how to:

  • Build a consistent, passive income stream from your real estate investments
  • Select a property type(s) and obtain financing for income generating properties
  • Create cash-flow models to make sure your buying decisions are the right ones
  • Use 1031 Exchanges and Cash Out Refis to explode your wealth—and never pay a dime in taxes
  • Climb the Property Ladder and build your portfolio to secure your financial future

This real estate book is for anyone who has dreamed of one day retiring with a steady income stream that requires little time and effort to manage. By employing these techniques, carefully and over time, you too can build a portfolio that will secure the financial future of you and your family.

The techniques in this real estate investment guide are the same ones Jon has employed to grow his portfolio from an initial investment of $30,000 in a 4-unit property, to a portfolio valued at $5,000,000 generating six figures per year in passive income.




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