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As a valuable and direct complement to the There’s No Free Lunch in Real Estate book, the 13-chapter DVD series walks you through one chapter at a time, taking advantage of graphics and visual aids, helping you to better learn and absorb the material. After all, the majority of us are visual learners, meaning you’ll retain more knowledge in less time after watching the videos, giving you the confidence you need to become a successful real estate investor!

The videos can be played at your convenience as many times as you’d like, and you can revisit them whenever you’re ready for the material covered in them. For example, if you haven’t made your first investment yet, you’re probably not ready for the chapter on 1031 Exchanges (Chapter 12).

If you’re like the hundreds of students and investors who have utilized the techniques in the program over the last several years, you’ll find the information to be practical, realistic and easy to follow. The videos detail all the tools needed to make sound investments in real estate.

Once you’ve finished reading the book and watching the videos, you’ll be ready to make your first investment and start climbing the Property Ladder!

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